2012 Monthly Messages

Dudley HallMay 2012 Stop The Noise

April 2012 A Hidden Wisdom

March 2012 The Vital Issue

February 2012 The Church, God’s Evaluation

January 2012 Salvation Has Come


2011 Monthly Messages

Dudley HallDecember 2011 The Great Rediscovery

November 2011 The Day of Turn Around

October 2011 Healing The Land

September 2011 Judging By The Gospel

August 2011 Don’t Fix One Another

July 2011 When Nothing Is Enough

June 2011 What’s So New About The New Testament

May 2011 The New Covenant Blessing

April 2011 Acceptable Worship

March 2011 Bold Humility

February 2011 From Shadows To Substance

January 2011 Today’s Word

2010 Monthly Messages

Dudley HallDecember 2010 Sell To Give

November 2010 The Only Worthy Goal

October 2010 All Signs Point To Him

September 2010 Learning To Live Love

August 2010 Crossing Over And Carrying On

July 2010 The Orphan Finds Mercy

June 2010 Praying As Sons

May 2010 Partnership Explained

April 2010 Sons And Suffering

March 2010 Sons As Heirs

February 2010 Led By The Spirit Or Driven By The Flesh

January 2010 Abba – Conscious

2009 Monthly Messages

Dudley HallDecember 2009 The Radical Revelation

November 2009 Living As Sons Of God

October 2009 You Have Options

September 2009 Legacy Of A Fool

August 2009 Captured By The Sound

July 2009 Moving From With To In

June 2009 Why Not Celebrate

May 2009 God’s Economy

April 2009 Facing The Giants

March 2009 When The Gospel Meets Recession

February 2009 Deliberate Calm

January 2009 Skepticism Defeated

2008 Monthly Messages

Dudley HallDecember 2008 Truth Is The Issue

November 2008 Grace of Revelation

October 2008 Confronting The Crouching Tiger

September 2008 Why Does Victory Feel Like Defeat

August 2008 New Neighbor New Neighborhood

July 2008 How Salvation Works

June 2008 An Outbreak of Grace

May 2008 Free From Religion Tax

April 2008 A King On A Donkey

March 2008 Preparing For The Wolves

February 2008 The Disputed Inheritance

January 2008 Contending For The Gospel

2007 Monthly Message

Dudley HallDecember 2007 Too Good To Believe

November 2007 The Quieted Soul

October 2007 Free To Be Faithful

September 2007 Todays Prophetic Word

August 2007 Idolatry… A Lesser Delight

July 2007 A Wounded Heart… A Wasted Life

June 2007 Getting More Than We Ask

May 2007 Grace On The Grill

April 2007 The Scriptures and Hope

March 2007 Wisdom and The Good Life

February 2007 Naming The Animals

January 2007 This Side of Pergamum

2006 Monthly Messages

Dudley HallDecember 2006 The Mystery of History

November 2006 The Inheritance

October 2006 Beyond Intimidation

September 2006 When Religion Lets You Down

August 2006 I Want My Bible Back

July 2006 New

June 2006 Rediscovery & Reform

May 2006 Indispensable Confidence

April 2006 A New Day

March 2006 The Age of Advantage

February 2006 Beware of Posers

January 2006 Save Yourself From This Crooked Generation